Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

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klong 6, Thunyaburi
Thanyaburi Pathum Thani
Cisco Academy, ID 3013818

Recent courses offered

CCNA R&S: Scaling Networks (SN260-59346CPE)
CCNA R&S: Introduction to Networks (RSIN-DC201702)
IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things (04-612-413 58446TLE_Selected Topics IoT)
CCNA R&S: Routing and Switching Essentials (CCNA2_Com Network Mng 57146TLE)
Introduction to IoT (IoT_58346TLE)
Partner: CLA - Programming Essentials in C (CLAC)
CCNA Security (Security-2017)
IoT Fundamentals: Hackathon Playbook (OITFHP2017)
CCNA R&S 6.0 Bridging (CCNARS60Bridging)
Partner: NDG Linux Essentials (NDGLinuxEssentials)
Partner: NDG Linux I (NDGLinuxI)
Partner: NDG Linux II (NDGLinuxII)
Partner: CPA - Programming Essentials in C++ (PartnerCPAProgrammingEssentialsinC++)
CCNA R&S: Connecting Networks (ATCN159-56146CPE-RSCN)