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Kolarska 193/195
odz Voivodeship Poland
Cisco Academy, ID 20029349

Recent courses offered

CCNA Security (CCNASEC17-1)
CCNA R&S: Scaling Networks (CCNARS17-1-3)
CCNA R&S: Routing and Switching Essentials (CCNA_fast_A2)
CCNA R&S: Introduction to Networks (CCNARS17-1-1)
CCNP ROUTE: Implementing IP Routing (CCNP_KFS_V_2016)
CCNA R&S: Connecting Networks (CCNARS16-1-4)
Partner: NDG Linux Essentials (linux2016)
CCNP SWITCH: Implementing IP Switching (CCNP2_KFS_2016)
CCNP TSHOOT: Maintaining and Troubleshooting IP Networks (CCNP3_KFS_2016)
Partner: CPA - Programming Essentials in C++ (KPSWpC)